300 Blackout

 300 Blackout, also known as 300 Blk or 7.62x35mm was designed to offer power similar to the 7.62×39 Soviet. 

300 Blk is characterized by its versatility, allowing to be run both supersonic and subsonic while still reliably functioning in a compact semi-auto platform.

In supersonic form, with proper hunting class projectiles like the 110gr Tac-TX, it’s an effective hunting cartridge within reasonable distances. 

The 300 Blk is at home as an urban fighting carbine cartridge because of its inherently efficient case design, allowing for an extremely compact weapon system like the Sig MCX Rattler.

In Subsonic form with Maker Rex projectiles, the 300 Blk is an excellent home defender delivering hearing safe 45acp energy when combined with a suppressor, and becomes a highly effective CQB role weapon system that outperforms the MP5’s 9x19mm in every category.

8.6BLK 285grELD WooCommerce

8.6 Blackout

The 8.6 Blk was a newly introduced cartridge with an extremely fast 1:3 twist rate which effectively increases terminal performance by initiating rapid expansion and extreme twisting.

In supersonic form with the 220gr T-Rex, the 8.6 Blk is extremely  deadly, and easily capable of taking larger game such as Nilgai, Bear, Muleys, and Elk while offering deep dramatically twisted cavitation.

In Subsonic form with the 350gr M-Rex expanding projectiles, the 8.6 Blk delivers terminal performance above and beyond that of the 300 Blk, and slightly surpasses the 338 Spectre in usable terminal performance and range.

Due to the extreme twist rate, traditional bullet designs like “cup-and-core” projectiles come apart and require “monolithic” or solid copper only options to retain their mass and weight when fired. There are rumblings in the marketplace over optimal twist rates with the 1:6.5 becoming popular due to the inherently consistent accuracy that’s attributed to the slower twist rate, and the more forgiving nature of that twist rate lending to a broader variety of projectile options available for use also making the 8.6 Blk cheaper.

We will begin to offer 1:6.5t only options in the near future as we continue to work through load development. 

338 Spectre

The 338 Spectre was introduced by Teppo Jutsu LLC and is a a step-up from the 300 Blk in terminal performance. The 338 Spectre is capable of sending a 165gr Maker Rex Expander to 2,000 fps from a 16”, and a 275gr M-Rex subsonic expander with 44mag energy behind it all from the same lightweight platform effectively increasing energy on target nearly 20% over the 300 Blk. 

375 Raptor

The 375 Raptor is the big-game hunter of the lineup. capable of sending a 400gr subsonic expander with nearly 1,000 ft lbs of energy behind it and over 2″ of expansion, it’ll take game quietly and with authority.

In the supersonic category, the 375 Raptor eclipses the 308 Win with well over 2600 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle from the notorious 190gr T-Rex, combined with a large frontal area and double-diameter expansion, the 190gr T-Rex makes for a devastating hunting recipe.

The 375 Raptor’s heavy-weight supersonic offering in the 270gr Speer is the go-to for dangerous game, when a heavy-weight bonded projectile is desired for absolute deep penetrating terminal effect. 

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