Halworx Ballistics is a Veteran-Owned business that manufactures precision small arms ammunition with the purpose of bringing a high quality product to the marketplace for the discerning citizen, hunter, sportsman, and sportswoman alike. Our company utilizes trusted and proven components on precision loading equipment to provide the end-user with reliable, precise, and repeatable performance.

All ammunition is tested in SAAMI spec chambers, or industry standard chambers for wildcat cartridges through real world barrel lengths in multiple platforms to achieve real world velocities, not inflated performance figures in controlled environment testing from impractical barrel lengths.

Load development testing is conducted both inside and outside. Special attention is emphasized on outdoor testing where ammunition is exposed to various elements and temperature extremes to ensure end product isn’t underperforming or over-pressured.

Stability testing is conducted at approximately 700 ft ASL, where the air is more dense, to confirm gyroscopic stability.

All ammunition is proudly manufactured on Dillon/Mark7 and Mark7 Automated machines, and are meticulously inspected through ammo checkers to verify that ammunition is to spec.